Alnabwani Amal

©Alexandre Katchkaev
  • country
  • Syria
  • disciplines
  • choreography, dance
  • languages
  • Arabic, English, French
  • born on 16.01.1982
  • in Damas, Syria
  • lives in France, Paris

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Born in 1982 in Swayda in Syria, Amal Alnabwani stood out in choreography practice. Graduated in 2020 from the theatrical arts institute in expressive dance division in Damas, she got the equivalent of the state diploma of dance teacher jazz division, allowed from the ministry of culture. She practiced classical dance as well as contemporary dance, improvisation and oriental dance. She has been a dance teacher since 2003, and yoga teacher (ashtenga and yin yoga) since 2016 in Guinea Conakry. After arriving in France in 2020, she became a member of the agency of artists in exile and is currently studying a master’s degree in dance, specialising in “the knowledge of dancing body: improvisation, transmission, archives” at the Université Côte d’Azur in Nice.