about us

Due to war, racial, ethnic, sexual and gender discrimination, or religious, economic and political marginalization, every day many people are forced to leave their homeland. Amongst them, some are artists often involved in a continuous fight against the authorities of their countries. Since it is the duty of art to be the voice of the oppressed and to reveal the underlying issues in the society, the creative sector in Europe must be particularly mindful of the matter and provide
the infrastructures to better accommodate these artists. Artists must be able to continue to practice their art, not only as individuals, but also as custodians of their culture. It is through art that the culture of a people whose autonomy is threatened, will continue to live on.

The mission of the agency of artists in exile (aa-e) is to identify artists in exile of all origins and disciplines, to support them according to their situation and needs, to offer them work space and to put them in contact with professionals (French and European networks), in order to provide them with the necessary means to restructure and continue their practice. According to the demands of project and programs, the aa-e creates its own events, including the “Party in exile” and the multidisciplinary festival, Visions of Exile, in cooperation with its partners.