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the Regards du Grand Paris

01.07.2017 12.09.2017

National Photographic Command, 2016-2026
Year 2 – Translation: towards the same or the other?

The Ateliers Médicis, in cooperation with the National Center for the Visual Arts (Cnap) The national photographic control of the Regards du Grand Paris. A ten year horizon (2016-2026), at the rate of an order with a minimum of six photographers per year, is retained For the development of this project, which will take part in new urban representations and Of Greater Paris.

For the second year, Ateliers Médicis and Cnap are launching a call for applications and Invite emerging author artists evolving in the broad field of the documentary image, To propose a photographic project around the advent of Greater Paris and in response to the Theme: “Translation: towards the same or the other? “.

This command is open to the diversity of contemporary photographic practices. Particular attention will be given to projects offering modes of production and Diffusion, and projects involving the inhabitants of Greater Paris.

The national photographic commission of the Regards du Grand Paris is inspired by models such as Than DATAR, which entrusted to photographers recognized as authors the mission To represent the French landscape of the 1980s. However, the order of the Greater Paris Regards aims to redefine the principles and The public photographic commission and intends to echo the creation of Particularly in the multiplicity of approaches and forms. Each year, the order then updates its principles and procedures. With this order, the Ateliers Médicis and the Cnap wish to constitute a corpus Documentary on the current situation in Greater Paris. It is a question of representing the immense Diversity of spaces, temporalities, actors, inhabitants, points of view, movements, Sometimes contradictory, at work in the process of metropolization.

Ateliers Médicis and the National Center for the Visual Arts. National Photographic Control Grand Paris, 2016-2026, year 2 – Translation: towards the same or towards the other? In addition, the Ateliers Médicis project, born from a vision of culture as a sharing and Perpetual from one relationship to the other, both fertile and problematic, The season 2017-18 the verb “traduire” as red thread.

The theme for the order Photographic “Translation: towards the same or the other? “Is part of this perspective. The contemporary city no longer operates from a single centrality, but is invented More and more in passages between places and multiple universes.

This The nature and effects of these new movements. In geometry, a Translation is the displacement of an object without deformation. “Translation” is also the word English to say the translation, which we know is never neutral and transparent. So, In these movements, what part of metamorphosis? In the city that is being invented Eyes, are we going to the same or to the other? In parallel to the commissioning of the commission, the winning artists will be asked to Participate in cultural and artistic actions to share their projects.

The call for applications to the order of the Regards of Greater Paris is open to any person Physics or a French or foreign legal person, operating within the scope of the Documentary photography, which can testify to a commitment to a Artistic career path, and wishing to propose a project that addresses the themes of the command. Candidates may present themselves as a group. Candidates must be able to attest that they are not prohibited from And prove that they are in good standing with their tax and social obligations.

Applicants must complete and submit the online application form before 12 September 2017 at midnight.
Applications are made on the Ateliers Médicis website ( Each candidate must complete a form and validate it before the end of the call for applications. The form is composed of different headings concerning the candidate on the one hand (state Civil, biography, curriculum vitae, artistic documentation), and his project for The order (summary, presentation, stages of production envisaged, objectives and Dissemination, forecasting budget and visuals). Any application form implies acceptance of the rules.

Selection comittee
A selection committee will meet to select the candidates to whom it awards an order. This selection committee is composed of 3 members of rights (the director of Ateliers Médicis, The Director of Cnap – Co – Chairs, a representative of the Ministry of Culture), as well as 2 winners of the previous order and 4 qualified personalities appointed by the Co-chairs for their contribution to photographic creation and / or issues raised by the command.

Once selected, the winners have 8 months to complete their project. Each photographer receives for the whole of the order the sum of 15 000,00 € all including charges. The framework and terms of the order will be defined by a contract between the Workshops Médicis, the Cnap and the author. The authors must deliver the works ready to be exhibited, or, for projects in Situ, documentation allowing the archiving and the public presentation of the realized project.

Registration of the work on the inventory of the national art fund contempory
The works realized within the framework of the national photographic commission of the Regards Grand Paris will join the Fonds national d’art contemporain, a collection placed under the The National Center for the Visual Arts.

July 2017: opening of the call for applications
12 September 2017: deadline for receipt of applications
October 31, 2017: Selection Committee
November 2017: announcement of results
June 2018: delivery of works

Workshops Medicis
Phone: + 33 1 58 31 11 00
Clément Postec
Head of the Artistic Projects Division And Cultural
Cecilia Girard Project Manager
National Center for the Visual Arts Pascal Beausse Responsible for photography