Tatiana Efrussi

©Alexandre Katchkaev
  • pays
  • Russie
  • disciplines
  • art plastique, performance, researcher
  • langues
  • français
  • born on 01.01.1988
  • à Moscou, Russia
  • vit à Paris, France

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Born in Moscow, Russia, in 1988, Tatiana Efrussi is a visual artist, performer and researcher. She holds a doctorate in architectural history from the University of Kassel, and is a graduate of the Rodchenko School in Moscow and the Beaux-arts in Paris. In her painting, she draws on a visual vocabulary close to folk art and naive painting, exploring different narrative techniques. The Marioupol 2023 series of paintings is based on photographs of Marioupol in Ukraine taken by a French journalist in May 2023. In 2022, the city of Marioupol was virtually razed to the ground by the Russian army. Tatiana Efrussi combines images of life under occupation with fragments of the written testimony of a survivor, subsequently deported to Russia.