The disappearance : multidisciplinary performance workshop

08.04.2019 12.03.2019
L’ateliers des artistes en exil

From Monday 8th to Friday 12th March  2019, 14h19h

Some people abruptly disappear in an inexplicable way… In the absence of any rational explanation, mythes get invented. Accidental disappearances, others forced. The world erases, eradicates human beings as well as places. This first workshop has for objective to collect stories, in order to create together an universal mythology and find their transposition for the stage.

All types of artists are invited to participate, whatever their methods of expression.

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Judith Depaule, the director of the aa-e, is primarily a theater director and the head of the company Mabel Octobre, usually creating her own texts and performances. Her work is based on documentary and multimedia approach. This workshop will involve a pool of actors with whom she created “Je Passe”, a piece made from the testimonies of artists in exile.