building a sound machine
music workshop

21.08.2017 28.08.2017
at the agency for artists in exile
from 2 pm to 6 pm

Directed by Laurent Golon, visual sound artist.

The workshop aims to create and use instruments based on low-cost technology, primarily through the recycling of technological objects (or not). No knowledge of music or sculpture is required.

The idea is to collectively build a sound and visual machine whose operated using low-voltage motors, driven by a MIDI power control board. The musical possibilities will be limited by the MIDI standard and the acoustic qualities of the (salvaged) materials used for the construction.

The machine will be made by assembling sound objects and can be played live or controlled by a computer through interfaces or music programming software.

The necessary equipment will consist of low-voltage motors, and any elements that may be of interest to generate sound.

The workshop takes place in four stages:
– presentation of the principle of creation and operation of this type of object,
– salvaging of components that can be used, and analysis of their sound, visual and dynamic potential,
– assembly and sound (placement of microphones),
– manipulation of interfaces and game software with control interfaces, with creation of loops on a computer.

The workshop can be held in both French and English

This workshop is intended for artists in exile, musicians, performers, visual artists as well as a refugee audience intrested in  musical performance.The workshops can be held in French or Arabic.

Due to a limited number of 10 places for this workshop, it is important to confirm your presence by e-mail:
It is important to be present every day and to not participate if you have other commitments!

From Monday 21 to Friday 28 August
From 2 to 8 pm
At the Artists in Exile Workshop
102 rue des Poissonniers
75018 Paris