Tastekin Aram Ikram

  • Male
  • country
  • disciplines
  • theatre, dramaturgy, teaching theater and art therapy
  • languages
  • Kurdish, Turkish, English, French
  • born on 11.11.1988
  • in Diyabakir, Turkey
  • lives in Paris

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Born in 1988 in Diyarbakir in Turkey, Aram Ikram Tastekin is a Kurdish playwright and actor . Graduated from the theater faculty of Salahaddin of Hêwler university in Iraqi Kurdistan . He teaches drama and acts in theater plays,films and TV . Qualified in art therapy, he specializes in teaching theater to children . In 2016,he was director of cultural affairs of the city of Lice and have shot a film, “Kevir” about the “guerre de Sur” . In late 2017 , he fleed his country to come to france and seek political refuge. He has new projects as he studies theater in Paris 8 and Kurdish at INALCO.