Évora Lira

  • country
  • Brazil
  • disciplines
  • drawing, plastic arts, sewing, textile
  • languages
  • Portugese
  • born on 17.07.1988
  • in Caruaru, Brazil
  • lives in Marseille

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Born in 1988 in Caruaru Pernambuco in Brasil, Evora Lira is a fashion designer, illustrator and set designer. Set and costume designer for Brasilian theatre companies, Evora Lira exhibits her textile work in fashion salons. Her work questions the notions of sustainability and ecology and uses only recycled materials and disposable items. Since her arrival in France in 2022, she has been developing projects at Les 8 Pillards in Marseille where she is in residence. She took part in Judith Depaule’s installation “Mnémonique”, created in Avignon Festival in 2022. She is a member of the agency of artists in exile.