Ahmed Shawgi

  • country
  • Yamen
  • disciplines
  • music, percussion, humanitarian aid
  • languages
  • Arabic, English, French
  • born on 15.08.1992
  • in Aden, Yemen
  • lives in Paris, France

contact information


Born in 1996 in Aden, Yemen, Shawgi Ahmed is of Sudanese nationality. He holds an engineering degree in Science and Technology from the University of Sudan. Since 2015, he has been involved with humanitarian NGOs in Khartoum and specializes in conflict resolution in unstable areas. He plays percussion with Sudan Drums, a music group fighting for justice in Sudan. Since his arrival in France in 2018, he is doing an MBA in Innovation Management. Member of the agency of artists in exile since October 2018, he performs with the Dighya Moh-Salem band.