Abdo Nidal

  • Male
  • country
  • Palestine ( Syria ), Syria
  • disciplines
  • dance
  • languages
  • Arabe, russe, anglais, français
  • 28.12.1989
  • at Yarmouk, Syrie
  • life at Paris

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Adbu nadal was born in 1989 in Yarmouk, Syria. He is of Palestinian, Syrian, and Ukrainian
descent. He started ballet at the theatrical institute of Damascus at a young age and later joined the Enana ballet Academy which was followed by his participation in
performances of The Enana Dance Theatre.
He performs on international platforms through Caracalla group of Beirut. He creates his
personal projects as well as collaborating with Thierry Thieû Niang.
He lives in France since 2016. He also teaches modern jazz, Caracalla and Dabkeh.

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